Rocío Molina: Fallen from Heaven (Caída del Cielo)
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10. feb. 2018 19:30

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Rocío Molina: Fallen from Heaven (Caída del Cielo)

Molina is an iconic figure on the vibrant flamenco scene

Choreography, concept, dance: Rocío Molina

Guitars: Eduardo Trassierra
Voice and electric bass: José Ángel Carmona
Clapping, rhythm: José Manuel Ramos ‘Oruco
Drums, percussion, electronics: Pablo Martín Jones

Production: Danza Molina S.L. / Théâtre national de la danse Chaillot, Paris

The project that has rocketed Rocío Molina into flamenco stardom addresses subjects uncharacteristic of this dance genre. Issues such as examination of sexual roles, the question of femininity and deliberate rejection of stereotypes are not typically explored by flamenco dancers. But when they are, they reverberate all the more provocatively and passionately.

Utilising her body as the focal point, Rocío displays similar energy. Radically defying aesthetic conventions, the Spanish dancer is disciplined, effortlessly blending genres and informing them with the legacy of the greatest performing artists.

Despite her young age Molina is an iconic figure on the vibrant flamenco scene. There are several factors that have contributed to her meteoric rise to fame, but freedom and seamless integration of diverse elements are the key dimensions that together with technical prowess, intrepid artistry and engaged stance combine to create a unique artist. In her work Molina synthesises seemingly incompatible codes, borrowing from various cultural contexts, to devise an intensely personal performance.



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