14 Apr 20:00

Okkyung Lee & Liz Kosack / LIUN & The Science Friction Band

Double concert

Okkyung Lee & Liz Kosack
Okkyung Lee, cello; Liz Kosack, keyboards

LIUN & The Science Friction Band
Lucia Cadotsch aka LIUN, voice, synthesizer; Wanja Slavin, synthesizer; Dan Nicholls, keyboards; Ludwig Wandinger, drums

A concert by stellar musicians from South Korea, USA, Switzerland, Germany and Great Britain who have made Berlin a playground for their daring creativity – from improvisation to alternative pop.

Okkyung Lee is a cellist, composer and improviser. Since moving to New York in 2000 she has worked in disparate contexts as a solo artist and collaborator with creators in a wide range of disciplines, including noise, improvisation, jazz, western classical, and the traditional and popular music of her homeland. Her curiosity and a determined sense of exploration guide the work she has made in various contexts.

Liz Kosack is a musician and designer from Maine, USA, active in Berlin and New York. Her work is cross-platform but focuses on synthesizer playing and masks. She is the first openly lizard-person recipient of the prestigious SWR Jazzpreis (2019.)

LIUN – The Science Fiction Band meanders between dark, forceful beats and fragile melodic contours. Wanja’s complex, multilayered arrangements are contrasted with Lucia’s frank and translucent voice that cuts through the clutter. Their songs question societal norms of gender behaviour and reference strong-headed female artists and characters such as Kiddo, Foxy Brown or Princess Mononoke and Eleven.

Lucia Cadotsch has previously performed before the Ljubljana audiences with the bands Schneeweiss & Rosenrot (Kino Šiška) and Speak Low (Jazz Festival Ljubljana).

The Stone in Ljubljana, curated by John Zorn

Okkyung Lee & Liz Kosack / LIUN & The Science Friction Band

14 Apr 20:00
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