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20 Sep 2020 19:30

Oh, Triglav, My Home - cancelled


72nd annual production
France Marolt Academy Folklore Group

The France Marolt Academy Folklore Group will mark its 72nd season by celebrating the dance heritage of members of Slovenian ethnic minorities living abroad. The show Oh, Triglav, My Home will feature different types of dance and stories of Slovenians who live outside their homeland due to historical reasons or have emigrated abroad. This year’s show will combine as many as six Slovenian minority communities in different periods, while also touching on the topic of Slovenian immigrants.

The beginnings of the France Marolt Academy Folklore Group date back to 1934, when France Marolt – enjoying support of the Glasbena matica Society – established the Folklore Institute and began systematically researching and collecting folk heritage. Officially formed in 1948, the group was named after Marolt after his death. Since the very beginning, the France Marolt Academy Folklore Group has adhered to the guidelines of first-rate, well-devised and unconventional interpretation of folk heritage. Renowned for its professional competence and working in partnership with a broad array of experts in culture and the arts, the Academy Folklore Group plays a leading role in promoting and preserving Slovenia’s folk heritage.


Oh, Triglav, My Home - cancelled

16 May 2020 19:30
17 May 2020 18:00
20 Sep 2020 19:30
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