Nadežda Tokareva & Evgenij Sinajski
4. apr. 2018 19:30

15, 19, 11* €

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Nadežda Tokareva & Evgenij Sinajski

Nadezda Tokareva, violin
Evgeny Sinaiski, piano

Leoš Janáček, Sonata for violin and piano (1914)
Béla Bartók, Rhapsody No 1 for violin and piano
Janez Matičič, Cantique for violin and piano, Op. 68
Richard Strauss, Sonata for violin and piano, Op. 18


Since 2012, Slovenia has been Nadezda Tokareva’s adopted home. Graduate of the Moscow State Conservatory and laureate of a number of prestigious international competitions, the violinist has attracted great attention of the musical world. Nadezda Tokareva’s performance style is characterised by bright individuality, formidable technical skills, interpretive power and magnificent sound, the ability to fully expose the composer’s spirit and to most clearly present the essence of the composition. The diversity and richness of Tokareva’s repertoire never fail to capture her audiences. She has the ability to adapt her style to accommodate the demands of a broad range of musical repertoire from baroque to contemporary composers. Nadezda Tokareva is the author of a number of violin transcriptions and arrangements.

Born into a distinguished musical family in St. Petersburg, Russia, pianist Evgeny Sinaiski  has carved a unique niche as one of the most sought-after and highly respected chamber music partners and pedagogues in Europe. A dedicated educator, Evgeny Sinaiski is a faculty member and staff pianist of various distinguished master-classes and collaborates with many important musicians of our day.


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