Lojze Lebič, Fauvel '86
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18. May. 19:30
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Lojze Lebič, Fauvel '86

APZ Tone Tomšič University of Ljubljana

Vocal-instrumental stage performance for mixed choir, soloists, instruments, percussion and audio recordings

Libretto: Jelena Ukmar Lebič, after a Medieval verse romance, Roman de Fauvel; Choreography, director: Milan Tomášik; Conductor: Jerica Gregorc Bukovec 

In late 1980s, the Choir’s stage performance about a fawn-coloured stallion Fauvel, subversively critical of naked ambition and self-serving lust for power, was a rousing success. The spirit of the time has compelled APZ Choir to render a re-imagining of the satirical allegory by academician Lojze Lebič. 


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