Juan de Marcos González Afro-Cuban All Stars (Cuba)
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9. mar. 2019 20:00

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Juan de Marcos González Afro-Cuban All Stars (Cuba)

Cuban musical history within the space of two hours

One of the finest Cuban ensembles of all time led by the inspired and inspiring Juan de Marcos González, the driving force behind the Buena Vista Social Club phenomenon. The band presents all Cuban styles of music, a smooth set of salsa-infused classics, and features both seasoned performers and younger Cuban instrumentalists. A first-hand look at Cuba’s vibrant music scene.


“What I’m trying to do is create a bridge between contemporary and traditional Cuban music. I’m trying to mix both things, so people can realize that Cuban music didn’t stop in time, that it developed in this long period when Cuban music disappeared from the market.” Juan Marcos de Gonzalez



Teresa Salgueiro (Portugal)
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