From the Good Times (1898–1907)
Štih Hall
10. May. 20:00

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Cankar on Cankar Festival

From the Good Times (1898–1907)

Ivan Cankar’s Letters to Anica Lušinova

Concert staging

Selection, dramatisation: Ivo Svetina

Cankar first love interest was Anica Lušinova, a sweet girl with a mutilated right arm. He started writing her letters in the summer of 1898, when he was staying in Pula for a number of months. He was twenty-two and she was seventeen; he was translating Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and writing Romantic Souls, his first play. Cankar’s letters display great literary quality and include a series of allusions, even verbatim sentences from the works he was focusing on at the time.

Svetina’s dramatisation received its premiere on 16 June 1976.


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