Diego Carrasco – 50 Years of the Carrasco Family
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9. feb. 2018 20:00

15, 10* EUR

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Cankarjevi torki (Tuesday Clubbing)

Diego Carrasco – 50 Years of the Carrasco Family

Legendary flamenco artist and rhythm devil

Diego Carrasco, vocals, guitar; Ané Carrasco, percussion; Curro Carrasco, guitar; Juan Grande, clapping; Maloko, clapping 

Legendary flamenco artist and rhythm devil, Carrasco is the absolute master of the compás (rhythms) of his native Jerez de la Frontera. What Israel Galvan is to flamenco dance, Carrasco is to flamenco singing. Under his leadership, a whole new generation of musicians has developed, artists with tradition in their genes who are infusing flamenco with jazz, rock and pop. The concert is dedicated to Moraito Chico, one of the finest guitarists of his generation who regularly accompanied Diego Carrasco until his death, in 2011.

An exception to the Tuesday Series, the concert will be performed on Friday, as part of the Bi Flamenco Festival.


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