Dani de Morón  - '21' (Spain)
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4. feb. 2019 20:00

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Glasbe sveta (Music of the World Series)

Dani de Morón - '21' (Spain)

Soul-stirring flamenco guitar accompanied by voices and dance

Dani de Morón, guitar; Jesús Méndez, Antonio Reyes, Duquende, vocal; Antonio & Manuel Montes Saavedra, ‘Los Mellis’, palmas (klappers); Patricia Guerrero, dance

Exceptional guitarist Dani de Morón takes the traditional alzapúa (the thumb on the low strings) as a matter of course in his fingers. At the same time, he knows how to elicit the most beautiful new harmonies and moods from his strings. Dani’s style ranks him with the previous generation of flamenco artists, a style that has earned him an invitation from Paco de Lucía to play alongside him on his Cositas Buenas tour and the 2012 Sevilla Biennial Giraldillo Award for guitar playing. A style encapsulated in his first solo album, Cambio de Sentido, which enchanted the critics and listeners alike. With a fantastic 'all-star' cast of no less than three singers, two hand-clappers and a contemporary dancer, Patricia Guerrero, he keeps the flamenco tradition alive in the 21st century.


I try to do things my own way, trying to achieve my own dialogue and maintain the characteristics of my town.” Dani de Morón


In cooperation with the Flamenco Biennale Netherlands

Supported by the Embassy of Spain



Teresa Salgueiro (Portugal)
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