Cankarjevi torki Annual Membership Card
13. feb. 2018 –
1. May. 2018

Cankarjevi torki Annual Membership Card

Become member of the Cankarjevi torki Club and enjoy special benefits:

  • 40% discount on tickets for the Cankarjevi torki concerts
  • you can purchase your tickets up to 15 minutes prior to a concert when booking them a day in advance at E
  • 10% discount on individual tickets for the Music of the World concerts
  • Cankarjevi torki members take part in prize competition to win complimentary festival passes for the Jazz Festival Skopje 2018, the 23rd Jazz Cerkno 2018 and the 59th Jazz Festival Ljubljana 2018


Annual membership fee: EUR 20
The card is non-transferable; membership lasts 1 year from the purchase date.




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