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10. jan. 2019 18:00

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Museum of the Press

Talk accompanying an exhibition titled Newspaper – The First Printed Document of History

Talk with Ali Žerdin, who devised The First Printed Document of History exhibition
Hosted by: Patricija Maličev


Ali Žerdin has been dedicated to journalism since 1985, when he started writing for student-run Tribuna and Radio Študent. He served as Radio Študent editor-in-chief between 1987 and 1989 and contributed to the Mladina daily between 1989 and 2006. Thereupon, he edited Dnevnik’s supplement Objektiv for two years, being appointed the editor-in-chief of Dnevnik in 2009. Since 2010 Žerdin has been editor of Delo’s Sobotna priloga (Saturday supplement).

His books include Generali brez kape / Čas Odbora za varstvo človekovih pravic (1997), Omrežje moči / Epicentri slovenske politične in gospodarske elite (2012), France Bučar (2015) and Ujetniki omrežij (2018).

He obtained a PhD from the Faculty of Social Sciences in 2012.

To confront his private fears that print publications have been assigned to oblivion, Žerdin started buying old newspapers at flea markets. He then redirected his focus on online flea markets, and spread the news about an emerging museum collection among his older fellow journalists, relatives of deceased legendary journalists and antiquarians.

His museum of press includes over a hundred newspapers reporting about landmark historic events.



Newspaper – The First Printed Document of History
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