Marko Pogačnik’s Workshop
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4. feb. 2019 19:00

single workshop 8, 6* EUR; combined price 14 EUR

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Marko Pogačnik’s Workshop

Sculptor Marko Pogačnik’s annual workshops address two topics by means of an inspirational speech, an exhortation or pep talk aimed at engaging both the attendees’ minds and their emotional core.

The 2019 Workshop’s first topic is life path as a path of inner personal experiences that allow for collective transition of humanity to a new era of peace and co-existence among creatures of different spatial dimensions, including rocks, plants, elementary beings and the angelical dimensions of living space. The other topic is associated with Pogačnik’s new book Slovenija čudežna (Magical Slovenia), which lends an entirely new insight into the homogeneity of Slovenia’s geographical area.


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