2. mar. 2019 –
9. mar. 2019

Free tickets

CD Club, Štih and Kosovel Halls

When buying online tickets for individual performances through www.cd-cc.si yoou get 5% discount!


International Literature Festival

Fabula annually presents some of the most relevant international authors, and has featured Booker, Goncourt and Nobel laureates and published their works in Slovenian translation at affordable festival prices. In 2018, the festival was complemented by Fabula before Fabula – a programme dedicated to lectures on humanities and sociology by some of the most prominent authorities on human thought. The topic chosen for 2019 is ‘Walls that Divide Us’; marking the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and seeking to thematise invisible barriers, from political to emotional, that separate people.

The first event of Fabula before Fabula (25–28 February 2019), A Night of Ideas, co-organised by the French Institute and taking place on 31 January, features philosopher, sociologist and anthropologist Bruno Latour.

Festival producer: Založba Beletrina Publishing House; Co-production: Cankarjev dom


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