9 Dec 2019 19:00

Aljoša Bagola: How to Burn Out and Take Hold of Your Life

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Hosted by: Bernarda Žarn
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One of the most distinguished and multi-award winning figures of the Slovenian advertising world, as well as a brilliant storyteller, a renowned lecturer and columnist, Executive Creative Director Aljoša Bagola’s book, Kako izgoreti (How to Burn Out), is an intimate account of the author’s personal experience of dealing with burnout.
Employing lucid pearls of wisdom and wordplay bravuras, the author masterfully intertwines inspiring life stories, soul-stirring realisations, unexpected insights and unorthodox reflections on how to come to grips with the hectic pace of our world and how to still derive from it, against all odds, small consolations, serenity and optimism.

That is why we shouldn’t strive so desperately for greatness. That is why we shouldn’t put so much effort into leaving a legacy, that is why we should let go of life’s excess baggage, that is why we should not surrender ourselves to needless suffering. The meaning of life is not what you leave behind but what life leaves in you.


Aljoša Bagola: How to Burn Out and Take Hold of Your Life

9 Dec 2019 19:00
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