The Family
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14. nov. 2017 17:00
Rok Biček

The Family

D: Rok Biček; Slovenia, Austria, 2017; 107' An observational documentary chronicling ten years in the life of a young man who grew up in a highly unusual family, as seen through director Rok Biček's camera lens. Matej was born in a remote Slovenian village to mentally challenged parents. Having to take care of his parents and his older brother, he spent an isolated youth among his peers. A misfit, he is not suited to his local and wider social environment. As he becomes a father himself at the age of 20, it seems as if he is able to transcend life patterns and create a family on his own. However, his behavioural and personality patterns disturb the young family's peace. "I believe a documentary should show elements that reflect our society in a way that manipulates neither the actors nor the viewer. What's most significant is to be aware that the situations we watch from a safe seat in a cinema actually happened to someone. And this specific individual, who is just like us, had to deal with them. I show my perception of the world through my own artistic vision and tell a story which is not evading difficult topics. At the same time, there's an emotional story that addresses the eternal concepts of getting old and life in general." (Rok Biček)


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