The Crew
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14. nov. 2017 22:00
Julien Leclercq

The Crew

D: Julien Leclercq; France, 2015; 81' A head-on confrontation takes place between Parisian armoured-truck hijackers and a powerful drug gang in The Crew, a fast, daring and uncompromising thriller. Violent retribution will fall on the hijackers' families if they fail in their task. Yanis Zeri is one of the most talented armoured-truck hijackers in Paris. Meticulous and brilliant, he has always kept himself under the radar. His friends, Franck and Nasser, and his brother Amine are the only men he trusts enough to work with them. But for his newest coup, Yanis brings in an explosives expert. However, Amine is too greedy and makes a mistake that forces them to work for a powerful dealer. If they fail, their families will suffer the consequences. "The armoured-truck hijackers in my movie suffer from the so-called 'superhero syndrome': they lead secret and secluded lives, mortally afraid of being caught. They are the complete opposite of drug gangs: their members are arrogant and greedy, showing off their money whenever they can… Therefore their careers get cut short ever too soon." (Julien Leclercq)


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