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Directed by: George Clooney

USA, UK, 2017, 104' 

Screenplay: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen, George Clooney, Grant Heslov
Cinematography: Robert Elswit

George Clooney is back behind the camera with an American suburban satire, based on the script by the Coen brothers. Despite being set in the 1950s, Suburbicon lends a keenly relevant insight into Trump's racist America.
Suburbicon is a peaceful, idyllic suburban community with affordable homes. Across the back yard, the main action is happening in the home of Gardner Lodge, his wife Rose and their preteen son Nicky. Violence abruptly intrudes during a home invasion by two sleazy thugs, who knock out the family with chloroform. Nicky wakes up to learn that his mother has died, and Aunt Maggie moves in right after the funeral, ostensibly to provide stability in the wake of tragedy. Meanwhile, the Meyers move in next door, the first African American family in Suburbicon. This leads to protests by the white community, an angry mob with a dark underbelly of betrayal, deceit and violence.

"The GI Bill helped everybody coming back from the war to buy a nice house with a garage and a yard. You could get a good job, live in a nice neighbourhood and start a family, as long as you were white. What's fun is peeling back that veneer of the perfect home life, and seeing how ugly things can get." (George Clooney)


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