Mea Culpa
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14. nov. 2017 15:00
Fred Cavayé

Mea Culpa

D: Fred Cavayé, France, 2014, 90' A former policeman and his erstwhile partner buddy up to deal with a ferocious Serbian drug gang. Simon and Franck both used to work for the police. They were good at their jobs - but less brilliant off duty. After a fatal drink-driving accident, Simon has to leave the service and finds work driving an armoured car. A cruel twist of fate reunites the two when Simon's son witnesses a gangland killing and is targeted by a furious mob of Serbian drug dealers - the exact same group Franck is investigating. "I like to be daring while making a film, but I always make particularly sure this isn't to the detriment of the end product. I really don't want to foreground my directorial skills to an excessive degree. What I really want is for my viewers to say after the screening: 'This film is really good' rather than: 'He's really good, this Cavayé'" (Fred Cavayé)


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