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Let Him Be a Basketball Player 2

The sequel to Let Him Be a Basketball Player continues the humorous story of Ranta, a boy so tall that he could be knotting ties to giraffes. A story about a clumsy boy who is so lazy that in the evening he would fall sleep standing up if the bed didn’t come to him on its own accord. That is, until fate intervenes and changes his life by placing a basketball into his hands.


All the main characters are returning to the big screen: Ranta (Klemen Kostrevc) and his best friend Smodlak (Matija Brodnik), his girlfriend Metka (Gaja Filač) and the grownups – gym teacher Salto (Marko Miladinović) and manager Tin Trsko (Lado Bizovičar). The gang, who are now counting down their last days of primary school, have to cope with the exacting geography teacher Tundra (Gojmir Lešnjak) and rise to the challenges of the forthcoming big game, played shoulder to shoulder with a new team member, Jožko (Domen Novak).

Let Him Be a Basketball Player 2

30. sept. ob 17:00 in 20:00
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Directed by: Boris Bezić
Screenplay and original story by: Primož Suhodolčan
Producer: Frenk Celarc
Cinematographers: Dušan Joksimović and Miloš Srdić
Editing: Jan Lovše
Composers: Nino de Gleria and Blaž Celarec
Sound design: Borut Berden
Set design: Janez Prohinar
Make-up Artist: Talija Ivančič
Costume design: Tina Bonča


Ranta – Klemen Kostrevc
Smodlak – Matija Brodnik
Metka – Gaja Filač
Gym teacher Salto – Marko Miladinović
Manager Tin Trsko – Lado Bizovičar
Geography Teacher Tundra – Gojmir Lešnjak
Jožko – Domen Novak

Production Managers: Petra Vidmar and Zoran Leskovšek
Production: Gustav film
Co-production: RTV Slovenija



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