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29 Dec 2019 18:00


Directed by: Brian Welsh

A universal story of friendship, rebellion and the irresistible power of gathered youth, set to a soundtrack as eclectic and electrifying as the scene it gave birth to, Beats is a story for our time.

1994. Best mates Johnno and Spanner share a deep bond, forged through childhood. Now on the cusp of adulthood, life is destined to take them in very different directions. But this summer is going to be different for them. The explosion of the free party scene and the largest counter-cultural youth movement in recent history is happening across the UK. In pursuit of adventure and escape the boys head out on one last night together to an illegal rave: a journey into an underworld of anarchy and freedom that ends with a full-on collision with the forces of law and order.



I was introduced to that scene of underground techno parties and it was a hugely transformative experience for me. I grew up in Aberdeen at a time when there was a lot of violence and hard drug use and I found my teenage years quite scary. But I was introduced to this world of … it all sounds a bit cheesy … of love and communal joy and fun and friends. At the time I didn’t consider that that in itself could be considered an almost political experience but looking back it was.
Brian Welsh


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Great Britain, 2019

Screenplay: Kieran Hurley, Brian Welsh
Cinematography: Benjamin Kracun
Music: Stephen Hindman, Penelope Trappes
Editing: Robin Hill

Cast: Cristian Ortega (Johno), Lorn MacDonald (Spanner), Laura Fraser (Alison), Ross Mann (D-Man), Gemma McElhinney (Laura), Amy Manson (Cat), Rachel Jackson (Wendy), Brian Ferguson (Robert)




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