Ljubljanica River and the City
Foyer I
3. apr. 2017 –
30. jun. 2017

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The Plečnik Year at Cankarjev dom

Ljubljanica River and the City

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How architect Jože Plečnik established the Ljubljanica River as one of Ljubljana’s main urban motifs

This year we are observing the 145th anniversary of the birth and the 60th anniversary of the death of the renowned architect Jože Plečnik (1872–1957) who created the city of Ljubljana as we know it today.

A project by: Andrej Hrausky

We are marking the year dedicated to architect Jože Plečnik by shedding light on his endeavours to raise embankments holding back the rivers of Ljubljanica and Gradaščica. Plečnik established the neglected rivers, which frequently overflowed and were used as sewers to carry off waste water and refuse, as one of Ljubljana’s main urban motifs. The great architect recognised the significance of incorporating the river into urban planning. He designed a number of highly original bridges that always transcended the confines of their basic function and raised embankments by which the river became one of the main features of urban landscape.

Theme displays:

Ljubljana and its River
The city’s lack of appreciation of one of its main sources of origin

The City and the Barje Moors
The draining of the Barje moors and the building of urban embankments.

Urban planning took the architect several decades to complete before the so-called Plečnik’s Ljubljana finally emerged.

Plečnik’s Eternal Architecture
Devised for public use, architecture should be universally comprehensible.

Plečnik’s Creativity
Giving an impression of being classical, Plečnik’s creativity is inherent in its conceptual design.

Devised by: Andrej Hrausky, architect and publicist, former longstanding Director of the DESSA Gallery


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