Ivan Cankar... and His Justice
Foyer I
15. jan. 2018 –
5. mar. 2018

Free admission

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Ivan Cankar... and His Justice

The ostensibly simple novella The Servant Jernej and His Justice is a crystallised manifestation of Cankar’s artistry. With an elaborate narrative structure, the novella reflects on social issues and examines the moral condition of an individual faced with the sobering administration of justice, while the work’s hypersensitive poetical language provides it with an added aesthetical merit. Foregrounding poetic expression, the exhibition renders a visualisation of all the above-mentioned premises. Its concept is one of a labyrinth with seven stations on Jernej’s Way of the Cross, which will additionally serve as the dramaturgical concept for the subsequent theatre staging. The guided tours are a live spoken rendition of the text featuring actors who will portray the characters in the staging.

Devised by: Boštjan Botas Kenda, Primož Vitez

In cooperation with Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and TV and the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana


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