Ivan Cankar
CD Gallery
20. jun. –
28. feb.

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Cankar on Cankar Festival

Ivan Cankar

Large retrospective exhibition marking the centenary of the writer’s death

The year of Ivan Cankar will be commemorated in cooperation with the Museums and Galleries of Ljubljana by organising exhibitions at two venues. Our partners in this ambitious project are the National and University Library and the Slovenian Theatre Institute that will provide their museum collections, archival materials and scientific expertise. While the exhibition held at the City Museum of Ljubljana will focus on the historical context of the writer’s time, the show at Cankarjev dom will centre on his fiction and plays; featuring diverse visual media and concise accompanying texts, the exhibition will aim to demonstrate Cankar’s excellence, his universal, superb aesthetics and remarkable breadth of vision transpiring from his dramas and prose works. Running parallel with the metaphorical level, the theoretical perspective will deal with the influences on his works and accentuate Cankar’s contemporary relevance – his works touching on supratemporal concerns, and being comparable in terms of themes and style with his European contemporaries. Also touched upon will be contemporary and later-day reviews and interpretations of his works.

CD exhibition curated by Dr Janko Kos in cooperation with Ženja Leiler; Visual identity, layout: Silvan Omerzu, Katarina Štok Pretnar


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