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Ancient Greek Science and Technology

In realising this ambitious project, showcasing important fields of science and the arts, as well as technological achievements in the ancient Greek world, the Science Centre and Technology Museum Noesis in Thessaloniki has joined hands with some of the most prominent contemporary Greek scientists who conduct research into the relevance and far-reaching role of ancient Greek science and technology in the development of Western civilisation. The exhibition also provides a platform for documenting, studying and presenting the vast reservoir of technical knowledge acquired during the centuries of continuous Greek prosperity and development. This knowledge radically changed human life in several areas: from food production and consumption, clothing and life circumstances to science and culture. Some of the most compelling showcased technical areas include architecture and construction technology, mathematics or geometry, mechanics and the Archimedes’ screw, telecommunications and hydraulic telegraph, astronomy and the famous mechanism from the island of Antikythera, automata and mobile automatic theatre, as well as music with a hydraulis or water organ.  
In addition to explanatory texts and pictorial materials, the exhibition includes 3D-animations, interactive didactic applications, as well as scale models and replicas of ancient instruments.

In cooperation with the Science Centre and Technology Museum NOESIS Thessaloniki

June 2019
Literary evening accompanying the opening of the Idea exhibition

Selection of the most prominent contemporary Greek authors: Anastassis Vistonitis

The acclaimed Greek writer and intellectual has appeared at the Vilenica and Days of Poetry and Wine festivals on several occasions. For a longer spell, Slovenia was his ‘writing residency’. His upcoming book about the Argonauts and their journey with stops in Emona and Nauportus will be featured in the forthcoming season.

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June 2019
Theodosios P. Tassios, PhD
The Wanderings of Ulysses
Ancient Greek Technology
Lecture accompanying the opening of the Idea exhibition

Theodosios P. Tassios is heralded as one of the greatest connoisseurs of Ancient Greek technology, and was one of the advisers involved in the realisation of the Idea exhibition.




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