Corporeality and Eroticism in Sculpture
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13. feb. –
20. May.

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Corporeality and Eroticism in Sculpture

Ivan Meštrović

Thirty-five years after the first exhibition of small sculptures by Ivan Meštrović at Cankarjev dom the current exposition, adopting an original and elaborate concept and including discrete lighting modulations, offers a new insight into his masterful art. In point of fact, Meštrović’s output has thus far rarely been approached from the perspective of the significance of the naked body, and its erotic readings/views. The showcase will follow the development of this complex subject in sculptures as well as drawings, made over a longer period of time (1903–46), from the artist’s student days in Vienna until the post-war era. Three curators have explored the subjects of nudity and eroticism in the works of Ivan Meštrović from three different angles with regard to the theme and temporal frame – interpretations that overlap in their approach to the contextual scheme of the show, and are featured in three cogent theses in the catalogue: Uneasiness in the Body (Dalibor Prančević); Between Two Eroses and Two Aphrodites – Classical Conception of Corporeality (Barbara Vujanović); Conflagration of the Senses (Zorana Jurić Šabić).

The exhibition includes over sixty works, sculptures and drawings from private and public Croatian collections.

In cooperation with the Meštrović Gallery Split and Meštrović Atelier Zagreb


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