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25 Feb 2016 20:00
17, 20, 24, 14* €

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Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d.

Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d.

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Glasbe sveta (Music of the World)

Yasmin Levy
Ladino songs

Sephardic music queen and one of this century’s most successful Near East singers, Yasmin Levy’s inimitable style fuses modern interpretations of medieval ladino songs with elements of Andalusian flamenco and sounds of Persia. Levy received the Anne Lindh Foundation Award in appreciation of her endeavours to encourage intercultural dialogue.

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RP9uwhbTWcJH | 25.12.2015

I appreciate your corsidened opinion Granadino. Certainly it isn't traditional flamenco but a fusion the reason I chose it was the ease with which I could place film segments, and to give a general ambience for a non Spanish public. Even in the more traditional flamenco used in my earlier , I edited out some of the virtuoso and vocals. Much as I love flamenco (even having invested in shoes and taken lessons for a year), I just felt the need to tone it down for general world audience. But seeing there are some knowledgeable music fans also enjoying the blog, perhaps I'll include a more traditional flamenco in my next Spanish tribute a Carlos Montoya perhaps. Suggestions are welcome..!